A Line Worth Crossing

HighWaterLine is an innovative art project that transforms scientific data into a clear and compelling visual statement about the effects of climate change, particularly sea level rise.  Urban Impact Lab co-led the project in Miami, coordinating and facilitating the effort with founding artist Eve Mosher and organizer Heidi Quante.  

Essentially, the HighWaterLine used a chalking machine to demarcate the predicted 3' and 6' sea level rise lines in Miami Beach and Miami.  The effort included over 50 community members who took part in this participatory art project to draw the line, engaging with curious passersby as they chalked a line along Downtown Miami, Brickell, Little Havana and Miami Beach's most popular areas.  

High-Water-Line-Resilient-Miami01 - BFI storage.jpg
HWL L. Havana - 3ft line 3 - Jayme Gershen.jpg
2013-11-14 14.08.59.jpg