With Colada: Our Sunday Reads 06.28.15

We’ve got so many interesting reads to go back over, including some of our own pieces. This week we’ve been tweeting about everything from how to motivate drivers to make our streets safer to innovative Public Space Challenge projects.

  Working toward zero fatalities by 2030  ( Image from SDOT Photos )

Working toward zero fatalities by 2030 (Image from SDOT Photos)

Over at City Lab, they are talking about an innovative project in Seattle that is part of their Vision Zero plan to completely eliminate traffic related fatalities and make their streets safe for everyone. Seattle police, advocates, and Seattle DOT officials are handing out gift cards to drivers who do stop for pedestrians and behave in a courteous manner that reduces traffic fatalities. Rewarding good, positive behavior? Now that’s an initiative we can get behind!  

And, on a related note, David Alden talks about what human kindness really looks like in relation to safer streets. Responding to an ad showing a man stop his car and block traffic that is refusing to stop when he sees an elderly woman across a busy street, Alden reflects on whether this is really the best we can do. Wouldn’t it be kinder to engineer better streets in the first place? And what about the drivers zooming around this women? He thinks that perhaps it would be better if we:

define ‘humankindness’ to include the building of neighborhoods where senior citizens of limited mobility don’t need to cross four-lane streets to do daily shopping...or...at least include traffic calming on four-lane streets so the vehicular speed are slowed, making respect for crosswalks more likely[.] That seems a better standard of ‘humankindness’.

  Roller skate time!  ( Image from Bay Skate Miami )

Roller skate time! (Image from Bay Skate Miami)

Speaking of building better neighborhoods, we just published an article by teacher and transportation advocate Adam Schachner on an exciting Public Space Challenge idea that is coming to fruition! He reports on the Macias brother’s project to turn Bayfront Park into a roller skate park on Friday nights. They expect to begin hosting by the end of the month or early July, so dust off your roller skates and prepare to lace up! Keep up with updates on their Facebook page, Bay Skate Miami.

  Pacman is chowing down on some calories

Pacman is chowing down on some calories

While you’re downtown checking out Bay Skate (you know you will), take the train and take a look at the new Public Space Challenge activation at Brickell station - where a Pacman mural that goes up the stairs is informing climbers of the calories they are burning.

Since we’ve been talking about transit and public space all week, we’ll leave you with this article confirming that robust public transit helps to keep housing affordable.

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