illuMia is a creative placemaking project.

illuMia is working with four communities, Little Havana, Liberty City, Overtown and Wynwood, to host workshops and installations.

Participants will develop vivid, locally-sourced creative expressions that brings that community to light.

Each installation and workshop will use light as an art medium and seeks to explore our community's relationship with energy.        #illumialights


illuMia is inspired BY amazing global events and installations 

Amsterdam Light Festival

Laser Graffitti

Light circle steps at SXSW

Chris Milk's - The Treachery of Sanctuary interactive installation at the Barbican, London - July 2014.

Giant flowers in Jerusalem are motion-activated. They bloom when pedestrians walk by or a trolley arrives.

Montreal Light Festival

The Cloud at the Belgium Light Festival

DWP Live (

InterContinental Hotel in Miami lit up the night sky with a fantastic display of projection mapping for the new Oculto beer by Anheuser Busch. This 350' tall building at Bayfront Park can be seen for miles. From a technical side, we used 9 Barco HDF-W26 projectors and the new d3 Technologies media server.


illuMia is generously supported by ArtPlace.