We're glad you are PARKing It with us in 2015!

Use the PayPal link below to pay for Parking Day fees.  Be sure to select the correct fees based on your needs.

Fee Schedule:

Basic Participation:  $75 (covers insurance and permitting)

Participation + Safety Posts*:  $100 (covers insurance, permitting, and 5 safety posts rental)

Participation + Safety Posts* + Barricades** rental:  $125 (covers insurance, permitting, 5 safety posts rental, and 2 metal fence barricades rental)

 Safety Posts

Safety Posts

 Metal Fence Barricade

Metal Fence Barricade


*The City of Miami requires a minimum of 5 safety posts per parking spot.  

**The city also requires a buffer/barricade to separate your PARKing spot from traffic lanes, but it does not have to be this metal fence barricade.  You are free to select another fencing/buffer style to accommodate your style and design. 

See additional requirements in the Parking Day Guidelines

If you have not been confirmed for a PARKing spot yet, please complete this application before submitting your payment. 

PARK(ing) Day Miami