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If you're here, it's because you love your community and want to make sure it’s always getting better. Understanding when and how to get active on the civics front can supercharge any effort you're making to improve your community. That’s where we can help! Join us at our next event.

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Focus Area: Public Spaces

We believe everyone deserves a chance to shape their future — and their community. Public spaces are a key part of resilient, connected, and enjoyable places. Through a partnership with The Miami Foundation and their Public Space Challenge, we’re making great public space projects happen easier and more effectively. Join Civic Playground to learn more about improving and transforming public space in your community.

About the Public Space Challenge: The Challenge is an ideas contest open to anyone in Miami-Dade County with an idea for creating, improving or activating local parks and public spaces (including transit stops, streets, and sidewalks).