Cities are complex, constantly evolving systems. When cities function well, they are powerhouses of innovation, prosperity and growth.

Everyone plays a role in building a great city

Our partners and clients are interested in driving positive change in their communities and strengthening their role within their local ecosystem.

Our expertise in civic research, creative placemaking and social impact initiatives ensures — that together — we can build a better urban future for all.



From paint on the ground to code in the cloud

There are many ways we can build this ecosystem together. From quick tactical interventions to deep policy research, we employ a broad toolkit to develop implementable solutions, foster broader civic engagement, and drive meaningful action within communities.

Take a look at some of our initiatives.



We are urbanists, technologists, and designers

Through strategic, tailored projects, we bridge our clients’ and partners’ goals with a data-driven approach for measurable impact — while always strengthening their relationship to their city.

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So how do you fit into the ecosystem?

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